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KEY SECTIONS OF THE HCEPOA BYLAWS - Adopted June 9, 1993  -  Updated March 9, 2016, by JRB


  1. History of Bylaws – Page 1 - Record of Amendments to the Bylaws. 

The format is:

    1. Change Number
    2. Date of Adoption
    3. Sections Amended.


Article I – Section 1.

The Registered office required by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act shall be the one named in the Articles of Incorporation or as may be designated from time to time by the BoD . . .

(Our current Registered Office / Agent is CT Corporation, 350 North Saint Paul Street, Dallas, TX, 75201, for an annual fee of $280)


Article II – Section 2.

15% of the voting power of the Association constitutes a quorum at any meeting for the transaction of business and the act of a majority so represented shall constitute the act of the meeting of Members.


Article II – Section 3.

Annual Meetings must be held within 13 months from the last Annual Meeting.


Article II – Section 4.

Special Meetings may be called at any time by the President or a majority of the Board.  A Special Meeting must be called if requested by a Member accompanied by signatures of 10% of the voting Members.


Article II – Section 6.

Written or printed notice of meetings shall be delivered not less than 10 nor more than 50 days in advance, either personally or by mail, by or at the direction of the President.  If mailed, it is sufficient to have placed the notice in the U.S. Mail addressed to the Member, at the address on record with the Association.


Article II – Section 7.

A list of all eligible voters must be made, at least 10 days prior to any meeting, which must be available for inspection by any Member prior to the meeting – and such list shall be produced and kept open at the time and place of the meeting.


Article II – Section 8.

At all meetings, Members may vote either in person or by proxy executed in writing and filed with the Association Secretary.

Article XI – Attachment B – Accounting Procedures


Article II – Section 10.

Members are entitled to one vote for each separate homesite (with same footnote provision as in the Deed Restrictions re Maintenance Fund Charges i.e. a homesite may include two or more contiguous tracts, provided satisfactory evidence of same has been presented to the Board of Directors).  Elections shall be determined by a plurality of votes cast.  All other matters require a majority of the votes cast.


1    Article III – Sections 1 thru 9.

Cover powers, number, term of office, quorum, place of meetings, order of business, removal from office, vacancies, etc, for Board of Directors.


Article III – Section 10.

The BoD in its discretion may submit any act or contract for approval or ratification at any annual meeting of the Members, or at any Special Meeting.  Any act or contract so approved or ratified by a majority of the Members present (provided there is a quorum) shall be as valid and binding upon the Association and upon all the Members as if it had been approved or ratified by every Member of the Association.


1    Article IV – Section 1.

By resolution of a majority of the BoD, the BoD may designate, from among the BoD or the Association Members, an Architectural Review Committee, as provided in the DR’s, and one or more other committees, each of which may have powers provided in such resolution.


1    Article V – Sections 1 thru 11.

Cover number, titles, term of office, removal, vacancies, powers of each office: CEO, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Assistant Secretaries.


1    Article VI – Miscellaneous – Sections 1 thru 8

Cover fiscal year, corporate seal, notice and waiver of notice, resignations, facsimile signatures, books and records, and action without a meeting or telephone conference meeting (includes meetings via email

Article VII – Amendments

Unless otherwise provided in the DR’s or the Articles of Incorporation, the power to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or adopt new bylaws, subject to repeal or change by action of the Members, shall be vested in the BoD.


1    Article VIII – Architectural Committee Review Procedures – Bylaws Attachment A.


1    Article IX – Deed Restriction Violations Procedure & Fine Schedule – Bylaws Attachment B.


1    Article X – Undeveloped Tracts – Principles of Management – Bylaws Attachment C.



NOTE: This is a summarization of the Bylaws and is provided for general familiarity only. 

Please consult the official, recorded Bylaws for complete information and specific details.